So, I’m not sure how your day is going, but I am currently trying to file my first ever taxes as a self-employed individual. Let me tell you something, its not easy…its actually quite stressful. My last few days have been consumed by receipts, client invoices, mileage charts, and I am 87% sure I’m doing this all wrong. But, I am learning (and seriously considering hiring an accountant). There are very few things about running this business that feel like ‘work’, so I don’t mind hustling down for a few weeks and getting this particularly tedious job done. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t take a break and blog some pretty pictures, right?!

I have to thank Tara + Ryan for my sanity this week, whenever I’ve needed a break from the numbers (oh, the numbers!), I would work on their blog post and a calm would come over my heart. I appreciate that these two took a chance on me last year, gave me the oppurtunity to shoot a fun, quirky, totally different wedding that I had been craving for so long. Every detail from their day oozed chic + class, Tara + Ryan are truly the epitome of cool. In fact, I lost track of how many times I leaned over to Ben that day and said ‘man, they’re SO cool’. They are loved by many, and it was clearly a great celebration for their friends and family as these two lovebirds became husband and wife. Enjoy my favorites from their day, sweet friends, as I return to mounds and mounds of paper work. (I pinky-promise my next post will be entirely less whiney).