I have known Miranda since our ‘Wilfred Laurier University’ days, which somehow feels like a different lifetime ago, even though its only been a handful of years. She was a few years older, but we were in the same field of study (kinesiology…don’t ask me how I became a photographer, I really don’t know), and also happened to be colleagues at our ‘pay for rent + groceries’ part-time job. Back then, we affectionally called her ‘Turtles’. I was always (always!!!) stricken by how effortless beautiful she was. Miranda was kind, and gentle, and I loved being her friend. She graduated, we temporarily lost touch, but I knew through friends (and social media of course) that she was off on an epic adventure. She spent time abroad, become a professional tree planter for a little while, went back to school and became a labour + delivery nurse, and somewhere along the way, she found and fell in love with her now husband, Alex. I was beyond excited for her when I head the great news, they were going to be married, and I knew I really, really wanted to be their photographer. Lucky for me, not too long after their engagement, my old friend Miranda contacted me about capturing their big day, and I swear, when I saw her name is my inbox I made an exaggerated karate kick gesture. We set a date to meet and I couldn’t wait to hear what they hoped to create. Their plans for what they were going to wear, their decision to have an intimate ceremony with only their closet family + friends, and the fact that their were going to become husband + wife in the backyard of Miranda’s childhood home all sounded heavenly. Ben + I were both exceptionally excited for their wedding day.

The weather on August 23rd left most of us anxious, the clouds looked far to angry to not dump large amount of water on what was suppose to be a very much outdoor ceremony. But, there was no rain, every detail went on as planned. Miranda walked down the isle with both her mom and dad by her side, married the love of her life, and now, these two are Mr. + Mrs. Bourassa-Young. Their image for their wedding day was both thoughtful and simple, and it was executed with perfection. I could continue on, but I will let you see for yourself.

This was a really, really great day. I am so excited to share it with you.