GATHER, a workshop for creative entrepreneurs.

I can’t believe today is the day, after years of dreaming and months of planning, I can finally share this piece of my heart with you.

Over the past 7 years, my life has essentially revolved around two things; my husband + family, and Taylor Clark Photography. Photography is a passion that came on quick, relentlessly took over my heart, and has been something I have literally thought of every single day since I first picked up our camera. I have told the story many times before about how I came to be a wedding photographer, it was never the plan, it was an opportunity that arose that I eagerly took hold of. The plan, the answer on the tip of my tongue from the time I was 12, was always to be a teacher. To reiterate, I was due to leave Kingston for teachers college this time over five years ago. I shot my first wedding weeks before I was due to leave, and decided (quite impulsively actually) that teachers college needed to be put on hold while I pursued photography. My people were SHOCKED, and to this day, I get asked if I will ever again pursue teaching. Well, today my friends, is the day I get to announce to my little corner of the world that my two greatest passions will be merging. I’ve had my sights on hosting a workshop since I attended my first back in spring of 2013. But patience is a virtue, and I knew I had to earn my keeps. Once again, after some gentle nudges, and some votes of confidence, the decision was made earlier this year that this fall would be THE fall. A few months back, on a birthday road-trip to the states, my friend Chelsey uttered, ‘What if you called it Gather’. And that was it, the name was solidified and its been a moving train since.

It is my intention to make this an intimate, comfortable, welcoming experience for everyone involved. There will only be 5 available spots, and again, this is very intentional. Growing a business is HARD work, and when I was starting out, a lot of my questions revolved around the logistics. I want to offer as much of my time, energy + attention to a small group of creatives  and focus on the fundamentals. There are a lot of workshops going right now that focus on the artistry, how to stay inspired, and so on. And believe me, it’s crucial and I recommend those types of workshops yearly. But Gather is different, Gather is about turning your passion into a sustainable business with the potential for longevity. Below is a list of what we will be touching on:

* starting a business, a real, government registered business. the nitty-gritty.

* getting started, building cliental.

* the importance of a brand, and how to establish one.

* client relationships (how to build them + make them last).

* how to protect yourself + your clients (contracts, insurance, back-up systems).

* work flow and business management advice.

* how to prepare for taxes as a small business owner.

* when to save, and when to invest in your company.

* posing/styling tips + tricks.

* styled shoot (partnering with Little River Vintage Rentals) with bride + groom.

Cost: $325 + HST ($100 deposit due upon booking, final amount due day of workshop)

Location: Kingston, On

Date: Sunday October 23rd, 2016


This workshop, if my hopes are realized, will be the start of a community. A safe group of like-minded creatives who will help raise each other up, because community should always come before competition. I cannot adequately express how excited I am for this venture, and to meet the individuals who willingly embark on this journey with me. I honestly can’t wait to meet you.

*If you have any questions, or want to inquire further about whether or not this workshop is for you, please contact me (anytime!) at