All week I’ve been referring to this wedding as ‘intimate’, even though there were over 120 guests in attendance- there was an overall  sense of heartfelt intimacy that encompassed this day. Brittany + Jake structured their wedding slightly unorthodoxly, they got ready together in the morning and spent time with friends and family in a cottage not far from their venue. No wedding party, their only request of their closest friend and family was to just come and enjoy, to spend time together with good food and wine. We snapped casual pictures all morning long- the bride and groom even snuck away to appreciate all their reception details. I will never forget Brittany’s quiet gasps and big smiles as she pointed out all the little things that meant the most. Little pineapples in the florals, antique pictures of important people, little chocolate bunnies to celebrate Easter- her grandmothers idea. It was all adding up to their dream realized, and it was a wonderful thing to witness.

As 4 PM approached, Brittany + Jake separated and dressed in their ‘official’ wedding attire. Jake was silent but steady, piecing his tux together with an excited anxiousness. I asked him, ‘why did you choose to wear a tux?’, he answered- ‘it’s an important day’. His navy tux, a simple symbol of Jake’s commitment- I couldn’t help but smile whenever I heard compliments about how sharpe he looked that evening, knowing it all meant something a little more. Brittany and her mother were at the end of the hall, her dress still hanging from the ceiling when I entered their room. We were joined by her mother in law and best friend, and again I felt a great sense of intimacy. There were knocks at the door, people scurrying and asking last minute questions (that familiar rush of emotions just before a life changing event is about to take place). But all the while, Brittany was calm- reassuring, and completely at ease. I remember she looked incredibly happy.

Their ceremony was held on a windy patio, overlooking the beautiful Quebec hills. The bride’s veil blew away as she walked down the isle with both her parents. She waved people off as guests offered to chase after it- laughing as she approached Jake. After their sweet ceremony, they joined their guests for cocktail hour and a romantic evening beautifully hosted by Le Belvedere. We loved the candle light, and the large surrounding windows with their hard-to-believe views. It was an honour and a joy to photograph.

Venue: Le Belvedere
Wedding Co-Ordinator: Jasmine Leese
Florals: Capital Florist
Make-Up Artist: Gaby at Glamm
Cake: Dulce Couture Cake 

After some much appreciated down time this winter, we are so happy to be busy photographing weddings, couples and families. As always, we have so much to share- including a big, beautiful, family rooted wedding that we shot in Toronto last weekend.