This past Saturday, Brandy + Jeff got dressed all spiffy, walked down an isle, said their vows in front of their beloved friends and family, and most importantly, became husband + wife. It was a surreal day, blazingly hot, perfectly romantic, simple and thoughtful in every way. It will be one of my favourites for a very long time.

After our initial meeting with Brandy + Jeff, I left knowing that Jeff was going to be a tough nut to crack, he was serious and was well rehearsed in planning elaborate events. He was detail orientated, nothing got by him, and my gosh, I wanted to impress him. Brandy on the other hand was all smiles, so completely content with her man, and over-the-moon excited to get married. As time passed, I tried to earn their trust, prove to them without a shadow of a doubt that they had hired the right people to capture their wedding day. Both Ben and I respect the heck out of these two, for what they believe in and work so hard for. And it is with a full heart that after working with Brandy + Jeff numerous times over the last six months, we will forever call the Robertson’s dear friends, who without even knowing it, pushed us to higher standards, and inspired us to create some of our very favourite images ever.

The Robertson’s are currently honeymooning in the south, travelling through Nashville and abroad, visiting historical sites of musicians they respect and admire a whole lot (a honeymoon totally suited for them). I wanted to wait and post their wedding as a ‘welcome home’, but I am far to impatient for that. So without further delay, I am extremely excited to share this beautiful wedding day with you. Enjoy, friends.