2016. I’m still in disbelief it’s over, it went by in a wonderful blur. Again, we were blessed with the most amazing couples who were willing to welcome us into their lives as we documented their biggest + most meaningful moments. We didn’t experience as many firsts as 2015, a true whirlwind of a year. However, we continued to settle into our beloved home and gladly greeted a slightly slower pace that suited our hearts just fine. With a few less weddings, we were able to commit to new ideas and boldly pursued new business ventures. I will always look back fondly on the past three hundred and sixty five days as a time where we were able to chase sought after dreams, a year where chances we taken + lessons where learned.

Our couples welcomed us into their homes and family cottages. Took us to their favourite restaurants and trails. ’16 was filled with clients who were seeking meaningful images, a sentiment we’ve been seeking since the inaugural year of our business. As always, I am incredibly grateful for another season spent doing what I love, and I’m thrilled to be sharing some of my favourite engagement images from this past year.

Here’s to an incredible 2017!