‘i don’t want you in bits and pieces, i want you all, good and bad, every last atom’. -atticus finch

this studio has been a labour of love since the new year, a project that was literally formed during the course of a casual lunch, has become a dream space for my studio partner Chelsey (talented owner of With Love and Wild) and i. both our husbands spent many evenings and weekends turning this unused back room into a bright, inspiring space. what we thought would be a relatively simple project ended up being rather extensive renovation, and thank you truly doesn’t begin to articulate our feelings towards the two guys who made this happen for us (we love you Ben + Matt). it is still sinking in that this beautiful space is ours.

as the studio came to completion, i excitedly sought a ‘first couple’ to host in the new space. after posting on Instagram, i reached out to Aimee (a fellow business owner + boss lady) and quickly set a date for her and her partner to come in. they arrived with the sweetest gift in hand (a handmade terrarium), and immediately Aimee + Wolfgang settled in behind the camera. it’s been a long time since i took photographs for the thrill of it, for the sole purpose of creating because it genuinely makes me happy. i used to throw on purple lipstick and old dance costumes for the perfect shot, and as grateful as i am for where photography has taken me since those years, sometimes i miss that zeal.

it feels so great to share these images, i am so blessed to have such a beautiful space to host couples and indivuayls alike. i have so many ideas for how to utilize this studio in the coming months, and i can’t wait to share. for now, i am honoured to share these images of Aimee and her love Wolfgang. have an amazing weekend, friends.