We are Steph and Ben, a husband and wife photography team based in Kingston, ON. Almost six years ago, we purchased our first camera on a whim. There was no plan. I’m really not sure what we were thinking, but its funny how one simple, spontaneous decision can change your life. Now, with almost 100 weddings to our name and hearts, photography has become a part of our every-day lives. It is our desire to tell honest, emotional stories, and we have been blessed to make a career of providing that service for clients who we love and respect.

You’ll most likely find us working on our old country home, travelling near and far, or hiking with our first born son, Bo (our golden doodle puppy, yes…we’re those people). Home is really where our hearts thrive, but vow that we will live abroad at some point in our lives. Last year, we ventured to Europe for the first time. We were lucky enough to photograph a wedding in an Irish castle (it was as magical as it sounds), followed by two weeks spent in England and the Netherlands. That opportunity fed us creatively, and has helped shape the way our business has grown and developed since. But enough about us, we would rather hear about you.

In case you were wondering where the heck we got the name ‘Taylor Clark’ from, we combined our middle names! If I had a dollar for every time I was called Taylor…I secretly love it, and let people call me it all the time.

We are excited and willing to take any chance we get to hop on a plane and travel world wide. No matter where you will say your ‘I Do’s’, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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